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Professor Marcus Cabeça

Estagiário Marcus Cabeça Estagiário Marcus Cabeça Marcus Vinicius Vallinari, born in São Paulo - Brazil, known as Marcus Cabeça in the Capoeira world, started training Capoeira when he was 17 years old, in São Paulo - Brazil, with Master Eddy Murphy.

Professor Marcus Cabeca saw the first movements of Capoeira from the sister of one of his college friends (Lorena), who taught him the basic movements. Amazed by what he learnt he found out with his neighbour (Tubarão) that Capoeira classes where being taught at a gym close to his house. It was at this gym that Marcus Cabeça met Master Eddy Murphy.

He trained with Master Eddy Murphy for 3 consecutive years, until the day he was going back to the gym for his second training session, as he was training for the first University Championship of Capoeira. Just about 500 meters before arriving at the gym Professor Marcus suffered a motorbike accident that left him unable to play Capoeira for 2 years. 

After his full recovery, Professor Marcus got his Graduado Corda (Graduated Belt) and few months after his graduation Prof Marcus arrived in London, in 2002. Up to 2006 Prof Marcus visited many Capoeira groups all over the UK under the guidance of Mestre Pastel (Capoeira Raízes de Rua).

In 2006, Prof Marcus started his own school, as an arm of the world-wide Capoeira school - Axe Capoeira of Mestre Barrao. Prof Marcus School's named Axé Capoeira UK. It was under the supervision of Mestre Barrao that Prof Marcus developend his next step up in the Capoeiora graduation to a professional level.

In 2016, Prof Marcus created his own school now named PMC-CAPOEIRA, with strong links in the local community and taking foward the teachings of Mestre Eddy Murphy & Mestre Barrao, keeping the traditions of Capoeira and respect for all Masters as well as improving in his work where he can.

For those who have known Professor Marcus Cabeça since he first started training Capoeira, know what Capoeira means to him today. It is through Capoeira that he found the strength to recover from his terrible accident, and it is in Capoeira that he finds the strength to get through the obstacles we all face in our day to day life.

It is with this attitude that Professor Marcus Cabeça teaches his students the Art of Capoeira, with discipline in a healthy and fun environment showing them that Capoeira is much more than an exercise, as one of the biggest Capoeira Masters, Master Pastinha, said; "Capoeira is everything the mouth eats!".