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Mestre Eddy Murphy

Mestre Eddy MurphyEdilson Antonio Santos Almeida, Mestre Eddy Murphy, was born on 09th of October in Sao Paulo - Brazil at only 6½ months. No one believed he would survive as he was very small (would fit in shoe box), but after a whole year of treatment in hospital he survived. For that reason his mother put "Antonio" in his name as a promise she made to a saint in Brazil called Saint Antonio if her son survived.

Until the age of 8, he had some symptoms of epilepsy and his metabolism was very slow, making him a very small boy for his age. His mother started a treatment with some medication to accelerate his metabolism, but nothing worked until his 9th birthday when he started to train Capoeira with his sister's boyfriend Dinho and his health problems stopped, his metabolism went back to normal and within a year of training his body structure changed completely.

Mestre Dinho than gave Edilson the nickname: "Eddy Murphy" as he was always smiling like the famous Hollywood star.

When Mestre Eddy Murphy turned 18 years old, he graduated to teacher under Mestre Dinho and from that point he had to look for a gym for his own classes. It was then he started to teach in his first official gym called "Sociedade Amigos de Bairro Cidade Nova Sao Miguel" (Society friends of the neighbourhood - City of New Saint Miguel). He stayed there for only 6 months before he was invited to teach in a bigger gym, starting the next stage of his Capoeira life.

Mestre Eddy Murphy recently received the Axé Capoeira Master's belt from Mestre Barrão and has his Axé Capoeira group in Dongguan - China.